Logic Pro 9 Open AU in logic 9.1


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In the old version if i opened for instance Omnisphere in Logic 8 or 9 the instrument did pop up and there was one windows showing omnisphere.

Now i have logic 9.1 and did put it to 64 bit.

If i now open omnisphere the first thing i see is the the window with on top
"Inst 1" and on the bottom Omnisphere (32-bit).

In the middle "click to open plug-in interfase". If I click on it Omnisphere opens and works fine.

But in former version that window never did show.

Is there a way to get ride of it so when you click on an instument it just start right away the instrument window?

It sounds like you are running the 32 bit version of Omnisphere in the 64 bit version of Logic. In which case this behavior is the new normal. It is accessing the 32 bit plug in via the 32 bit AU bridge which allows you to run 32 bit plug ins while Logic is in 64 bit mode.

If you want to run Logic in 32 bit mode, and thus revert back to the old behavior, quit Logic and check the box in the Get Info window allowing Logic to launch in 32 bit mode.
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It's worth mentioning that specifically for Omnisphere, Spectrasonics has a 64-bit public beta version available on their website. If you install this version, it will appear in a normal plug-in window, just like the 32-bit version does in the 32-bit version of Logic.

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Thxs guys for your help.

Indeed I am running omnisphere, trilian and alot of suff still in 32 bit.

Omnisphere and Trilian will be 64 bit at 22 of februari.

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