Logic Pro 8 Opening a Logic 7 recording in Logic 8 - big problems


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Hello, I'm new here, thanks for reading!

My basic Logic 7 Powerbook system works just fine and does what I need it to do, which is record classical guitar, and other simple things. Since I got a refurbished G5 I thought it would be useful to run Logic 8 on it...

Anyhow, my problem is this; I record audio onto a G4 Powerbook (10.4.11) to Logic 7, where it plays back just fine, and wish to open it in Logic 8 on my G5 desktop Mac (10.5) so as to apply further plugins etc. I record to the PB because it is nearly silent. The audio goes onto a LaCie drive connected to the PB by Firewire, and also to the desktop by Firewire 800. The PB is turned off before turning on the DT.
The recording opens in Logic 8 but it always plays with constant stopping and starting, the sound is rarely heard, sometimes sticks like its on a loop. Useless as is.

Here's the setup; the PB audio goes into a Focusrite 428 then via an M-Audio 1814 Firewire interface. The driver for the latter is updated. The sample rate is the same across the system (today it was 88.2 for a change, before always just 44.1) including within Logic and detected in the 1814 control panel.

Any help and advice greatly appreciated...



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Well it goes to show, if you ask a question sometimes the answer, or at least, an answer, can emerge from that process. It occurred to me to copy the Logic 7 project to the second, non system drive in the G5 and Logic 8 opens and runs them just fine. So its nothing to do with 7 vs 8, rather something to do with the Firewire connection, even though its fast enough to copy the whole lot in next to no time ... or maybe the work clock or something doesn't like going round that way.
So that's it, will just generally make sure to finish audio before moving it all over the post production.
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