Logic Pro 9 Opening Logic7 songs in Logic9 - PlugIn Anomalies


Hi, ive just updated to a new MacPro running Logic9 and I want to access all of my old projects done on Logic 7.
and have come up with a couple of issues i haven't been able to solve myself....

altho i have bought GuitarRig4 i have installed GuitarRig2 because my old songs use that. when i load up a track it finds the right plug in, but does not have the preset settings/edits thats usually saved/imbedded within the project.

Similarly Can i somehow force Logic9 to let me decide the output config. of plug ins?
i.e. toontrack superior drummer i've used as a stereo output in Logic7 but Logic 9 only offers mono or multi output. so it then basically stops the loading of the plugin. sure i can select the plug after that. but ive lost all the specific settings for that were saved with the project, which is like starting from scratch!

hope someone can help!! thanx ewan:confused: