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Hi, I just bought the waves plugins where they mention for many plugins that they are optimally used at an operating level of 0 dBFS = +22 dBU. I couldn't find operating level in any of the settings in Logic, would anyone know where I can check the operating level in Logic,

Well since we are dealing with digital, I'm not sure this matters, but if you could let me/us know where you read this, I'm happy to try and figure it out.

You see, once audio has been digitized, and then worked on within Logic, we are dealing with the headroom of the app itself. Logic has a 32 bit internal processing resolution, and this allows us to work with a theoretical unlimited internal amount of dynamic range. This isn't defined as dBU, which is a voltage usually associated with electronic mixers internal headroom.

I suspect they are referencing a piece of external hardware they produce, rather than a definition corresponding to a DSP plug-in.That said, in order for me to be 100% sure of this, I'm interested in where exactly you read this, so please send me/us the exact info relating to a manual and page number, so I don't have to scan their rather huge amount of manuals and reading materials.



Thanks for the clarification George. I read it in the manual for the wave V series plugins, it reads as follows: " Because these three plug-ins are modeled after analogue processors, they are optimally used at an operating level where 0 dBFS = +22 dBU. (This information is helpful when calibrating your session.)"
I came across this same sentence whenever they were referring to plugins modeled after analogue processors.

I came upon this bit:

"In the analogue domain, ideal levels tend to fall between 0 and +5 dBU. Translated to the digital domain, which is measured in dBFS, 0 dBU = -22 dBFS. This means that ideal input levels to the V-Comp range from -22 to -17 dBFS. This may take a bit of getting used to, since those accustomed to the digital world often seek the hottest level on each track. However, Waves engineers chose to model the V- Comp precisely after the original hardware, so it is preferable to provide input levels similar to those expected by an analogue master bus compressor."

I am thinking that they have made a model that works in such a way that it requires a lower input level that most others, for whatever reason.

I would suggest using a gain plug-in before this plug-in to decrease the level to somewhere between -17 and -22, which isn't really an issue when we are working at 24 bits, lots of headroom before we get noise.

Strange this one, but they again, Waves can have very strange plug-ins as well as a few gotta haves. Since I have been using the UAD stuff I have found that I prefer their sound more, so my waves bundles have been getting ignored lately...

Hope that helps you