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Could anyone tell me how to optimize all the file in my session?

My understanding is if I visually edit the audio in the arrange window, the optimization will correspond with those edits... except for the 1045 ms peel back.

Audio bin/ Edit- Select All or Select Used/ Audio Files- Optimize File(s)..

Let's say a files starts at bar 1 but the audio doesn't come in until bar 9. I peel up to bar 9 and optimize. That works.. But it doesn't work for edited sections within the audio file. This is only optimizing the unused audio at the beginning of the audio files.. Not unused audio at other points within the file.

So maybe a better question is how do I get logic to recognize the other sections as unused?


Logic 9.1.4
I didn't use the optimize function in quite a while (as harddrives/DVD's are so cheap nowadays), but I recall that in order for this to work is to, after cutting away parts of an audio region in the arrange window, select 'unused files' (or similar) in the Bin's edit menu and then delete them. If you would then optimize files (by first selecting them in the Bin?), it should actually work.

At least, this is how I remember doing this.

Hope this works!
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I haven't used it for a while either. From what I remember though, it will delete all audio for which there is not a region, so if there is some silence somewhere in the middle of an audio file, you would chop that out, and delete the region.

In audio bin you delete those region from the list (Edit>select unused regions) then hit delete.

Don't forgetb this will also remove any unused audiofiles from the bin, but without removing them from the hard drive so you could end up with some unnecessary files lurking around unless you first of all do a delete of the unused audiofiles.

having done that, if you optimise, it should cut out those unused areas of the audiofile, whether at the beginning middle or end.

Personally I also wouldn't bother these days, I feel safer just keeping the whole file.
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Thanks y'all.

For some reason it doesn't seem to be panning out.

btw.. I am running a session with a high track count, tons of plugs, and a crazy amount of edits. I don't want to merge or freeze tracks and I am getting audio spikes from fade files. tired of throwing them away and rebooting.... So i wanted to see what would happen if I tried this.

Pete, nice website!
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