original MOTU 828 good enough?


So, after many years of not recording, I'm starting to plan to record a CD. I have an original MOTU 828. It works. Are there better options now? I'll be recording mostly acoustic guitar, vocals, banjo, mandolin, violin with virtual bass, and some midi sounds. I'd like to have 2 inputs.

I have a Summit Audio 2BA preamp that has a tube.

Any thoughts on this interface subject appreciated.



The original 828 converter is OK. The preamps aren't great but you're not using them anyway. There will be any number of low cost new 2 channel converters that are technically better but I also think that the quality of the signal going into the converter is much more important than the A/D converter itself. If you have money to spend, I'd spend it on the instruments, the room, the mics and the pre-amps, not the converter.