OS-X Manual


Hi All

I have just ordered my very first Mac Mini and I was wondering if I could download a Manual that would give me the basics in the OS.

Coming from Win 7,I know nothing about the OS-X software.

Questions such as

Can OS-X read my Win7 HDD so I can transfer my Audio files to the Mac Mini drive.
If not,how do I transfer all my backing tracks to use in Logic Pro9?


Look under the menu marked "Help". There is a complete "how to use OSX" user guide right there. As for Logic, same thing. The Help menu is your friend ;-)
I don't have my Mac yet,it should be here this week.

I wanted to read the manual so I would have an idea what I was doing when it arrives.

Then your best option is to grab a Mac OSX book from your local library, or depending on what else you have, downloading a kindle book.

That said, the help stiff is truly awesome for a newbie. What kind of things are you looking to learn about?
I will be using it for Logic Pro9.

I need to find out about disc management and transferring Audio Files from my PC to the Mac Mini,and an External Drive that I will use with the Mac Mini for Audio storage.