Logic Pro 9 Oscilloscope or some like it.

Hey all! This is my first post here, so I wanna make it count. First a little about me, then straight to business. I'm really a Reason user at heart. I started using Reason 3 way back when. Upgraded to 4 then 5. Then somewhere around then started messing around with Logic Pro 8 then Logic Pro 9. And now I kind of use Logic Pro 9 with Rewire connecting Reason 5 for awesome crashes and excitement. Ok, now to the task at hand. I know Logic has a bunch of tools in it's tool kit; for monitoring signals. It's got that fabulous Multimeter and Correlation meter etc; but as far as I know nothing that works in the sense of an oscilloscope. I really want to be able to monitor waves visually as I effect them. Does anyone know of any third party plug-ins that offer an oscilloscope? It doesn't have to be a whole suite with EQ's and Compressors and stuff. I'm really just looking for an oscilloscope. But if you can think of a whole bundle that also has one included I guess that still fulfills the requirement. Also I might have overlooked something in Logic's palette. Does it already have a tool that has oscilloscope functions? I'm not sure, but I figured this was the place to ask. Thanks in advance.

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Here is freeware, don't know how it is:
Normally Bram's plugins are not very pretty but technically ok.

Blue Cat Audio has generally good plugins, also for metering, and an oscilloscope that can even handle multiple tracks:

Spectrafoo and Spectre are both huge analyzer suites. No plugins but standalone software. Both have oscilloscopes.
Spectre from Audiofile Engineering is rather cheap but powerful.
Spectrafoo fro Metric Halo is expensive.

No, Logic doesn't have an oscilloscope.


Dedicated spectra foo user here, but if it has to be a plugin, this works well


Although bought on its own it's a bit pricey (I got it free with RX advanced.) I also used to use this a fair bit..


But it's taken an age to go 64bit (apparently just updated) and in the meantime I've organised my workflow around spectre foo.

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Thank you so much Peter and mt100uk!! It definitely doesn't have to be a plug-in, I mean I would of taken anything I could of gotten. But Spectre works like a charm! Since I use Reason for it's huge rack and I arrange and mix in Logic; they don't fit in the same screen. (expose' and spaces helps with that.) So if it was a plug-in in logic, it would be tough to work in my rack and then monitor the oscilloscope. But Spectre can fly where ever I need it. AMAZING. I've spent sooo much time listening to oscillators and filters, but never really any time studying them graphically. It's totally reignited my playful attitude towards my synths. Looking at what happens to waves when you add frequency mod.. jeeze. Couldn't of asked for more. I guess I won't be getting outside much this next week or so. rofl. no complaints. Either way, BIG BIG thanks dudes! :D


If you have a "waterfall" display up try watching it whilst listening to the end of Aphex Twin's "come to daddy", the weird tones at the end make more sense when you see them!

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