OSX 10.6.5 Logic Studio 8 unexpectedly quits a lot


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My problem started not so long ago but it's very annoying: I run Logic Studio 8 on an iMac 3.06 Ghz core 2 duo, which I recently upgraded to OSX 10.6.5 and I believe it (not completely sure) was since that last upgrade that Logic "unexpectedly quits" very often. Even when I don't even run that many plugins.

In the past it occurred every once in a while, but now it's at least 10 times a day. .It automatically saves the project to 'filename (crashed)' but that's clearly not acceptable for me.

Is there a known cure for this problem?

Please help me out. I use my studio professionally so I really can't do without..


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HI there, welcome to the LUG.

In order to have any sort of chance at figuring out what might be the cause of your problem, some more information may be of help. Along with the infos you provided, here are some more basics:

-How much RAM is installed

-Graphic card

-Audio Hardware being used - specifically, Audio and Midi interfaces, any other DSP hardware. Please include details of the driver and other utility software being used.

-The exact Logic Version you are using. Logic 8.0.0, 8.0.1 or 8.0.2?

-Other audio software such as Audio Units or software such as reason or melodyne which may be running linked to logic.

-Make sure that Pro App Support is up to date.

If you see Crash Logs being generated, feel free to attach one to a post here. Please don't copy-paste it into a message (usually they are too large to do this anyway), rather, save it as a text file and use the "attach files" function which you will find below the text space when writing a reply.

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Thanks for your reply. I hope you can help me, along with the answers you've asked for.

I run:

- IMac 3.06 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
- Mac OS X 10.6.6
- 8 GB Ram 1067 MJz DDR3

- Graphic card (built in):

ATI Radeon HD 4670:
Chipsetmodel: ATI Radeon HD 4670
Type: GPU
Bus: PCIe
Width PCIe-baan: x16
VRAM (total): 256 MB (Is this the info you need?)

- Audio interface: M-Audio Projectmix i/o
- Behringer umx610 usb Midi controller, connected to iMac (not M-audio interface)

- Logic Pro 8.0.2
- Audio Units:
Kontakt 3 with Steven Slate Drums
Addictive drums
Waves bundle 7.0

- Pro App support updated a couple of weeks ago.

- a Crash report is in the attachments.

Thanks again!


  • Logic Crash Report.pdf
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Thanks for all the info Daan.

I must admit to being no expert in reading crash logs, I don't see anything obvious in yours. Sometimes if an AU is mentioned in the crashed thread it can point to the cause of a problem, but there is nothing in yours that gives me an indication as to what might be causing the crashes, sorry ...

Can you revert back to 10.5.x? Logic 8 was developed and released prior to Snow Leopard, presumably it won't have been tested to any extent with this OS, Logic 9 being the current Logic version.

kind regards