OSX.6.1 Released...


Don't know if anyone mentioned it but the first update to Snow Leopard is out...
I'm living dangerously lately so I just installed it.
Will be firing up L9 today... I'll be watching for anything wacky.
ha ha:rolleyes:
Well, I found one strange duplicatable bug when in Ultrabeat...
I found that tweaking an UB drum sound (any parameter) when Logic is "not" playing and then hitting "play" causes Logic 9 to crash.
No "Save As xxxx.(crashed)" message, just the error log/send to Apple dialog pops up.
This happened to me a few times today since upgrading the OS.

This might be an isolated bug in my system OR is a Logic 9.0 / OSX.6.1 issue.

I'd love to hear if anyone can duplicate this... Just remember to SAVE before tweaking sounds in Ultrabeat!!