Logic Pro 8 OT: usb2 vs FW400 vs FW800...w/ a 7200 bus powered drive?


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i need a bus-powered drive (7200rpm) to use for samples playback on my macbook pro... what results will each of these different interfaces produce?

Sascha Franck


Wow, that's news to me. But seriously, it's incredibly expensive. For a "plain" buspowered USB drive, let's say an ICY case and a 500 GB (5400 RPM) quality drive, I'll pay like 100 Euros quid.

Anyway, I think that for your endeavours, a FW800 case with a proper drive in it would be the best choice, leaving one of the rare USB ports free for other things (MIDI keyboards, mice, data sticks, etc.).

- Sascha
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