Logic Pro 9 "out of memory" dialogue......ouch!


When I do my tv show, I write a cue.....save it...........do a "save as" for the next cue.............trash all the sound files from the bin, and start to write the next cue. I do this procedure so I don't have to reload all the AUs from a template, as many others do, also. It seems that when I get to around 12 or 13 cues, I start to get a "running out of memory" dialogue that pops up.
what exactly is running out of memory??? There are no sound files and for this particular show, there is a pretty small band.....BFD drums, bass in Kontakt, Akoustic Piano, congas in RMX and a guitar audio track. This should be absolutely NOTHING for Logic to do.
I'm in Logic 9 and OS 10.5.8, Mac Pro Octo 2.66 w/10 gb of memory.
Please help.....
BTW: as an aside, does anyone know when the 4 gb limit will be gone???? Snow Leopard????
Try deleting your undo list. That should free up some "memory". It's no doubt quite full after all of those "save as" versions build up.
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