Logic Pro 9 Out Of Memory Message on 12 Gig Ram


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New to Logic, but not new to software DAW. I have used Cubase since 1992, DP for 12 years, Studio One Pro 2 (and love it) and have had Logic 9 since last summer with all current upgrades installed.

16 track project, all tracks have CLA on inserts (appropriate one for appropriate type of track), and on 8 of the tracks, loaded Melodyne, and hit transfer, and play through end of the song.

After the transfer is over, I begin working on the tuning in Melodyne. As soon as I do, I get the OUT OF MEMORY message. How can this be? I have a 2.66 Quad Core Mac with 12 Gig of Ram.

I run the same setup in Studio One Pro Version 2 and have no problems whatsoever, even with all the vocal tracks edited in Melodyne....no issues.

Okay, anyone have an answer?




Do you have set Logic to run as a 64-bit application?
(in Finder, do a CMD-I on Logic and deselect 'open as 32-bit..')

Otherwise, Logic only have access to maximum 4Gb regardless how much memory You have in the box...


When you transfer the audio into Melodyne, it holds that data in RAM. So doing that for 8 full tracks can easily fill your RAM if you're running in 32-bit.

What is your Buffer I/O setting? It should be at least 512 samples.
Another thing you can look at is "Activity Monitor" in your utilities folder in your apps filer. It gives you a great overview of ram use, drive and network access, and CPU use. It looks a bit confusing in the beginning but if you take a bit of time to use it and get familiar with how these things affect each other, it can really become a major asset.

Plus it also has the great side effect of being able to be used to "uncross" apps every now and then when they appear to freeze. If your app freezes, boot activity monitor and give it a few minutes... it has saved my butt more than once in very difficult situations where a crash or freeze meant the loss on hours of work (yea I know: save save save or you will pay, but every now and then I loose track of the time and forget, and that is often the time thing take a dump on me.


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Yes, I am running in 64 bit; I have cked the Activity Monitor, and it shows I am only using a third of ram available.

Not sure what is going on. Is it true that I cannot get support from Apple anymore without paying $399 per year for tech questions and for this they will not answer any training issues only tech issues?

Any other ideas?

Why is it that Cubase and Studio One will do this process without any difficulty whatsoever? This is strange.

Thanks for the help !!



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you can bounce the melodyned tracks in place and if you want to tweak it further just re-enter the selected track into melodyne ,that will save tremendous amounts of ram