Logic Pro 9 Out of Memory ?


Hi, while trying to save a session in Logic 9.1.5 a window pops up saying "Out of memory". What can be going wrong?

Toño Castillo
iMac 27 ", Logic 9.1.5, 8 gigs Memory
Today I was recording in 32 bit mode, which I never do anymore, and got that dreaded error message. The song really only has a few tracks in it too. Wow. Anyway, I never ever get that message when in 64 bit, which is really all of the time now unless I need to use the Radius plug in.
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While you can open a Logic Project that was created in 64bit in Logic 32bit, if you load alot of instruments in a Logic 64bit project, at a certian point, you'll only be able to open it in Logic 64bit.
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