output indicator


Hi, I was wondering if it's possible to have the output indicator separately in my arrange window, what happens now is that if I have an instrument going to a bus and that track is highlighted in the arrange window, the bus shows up as the output in the inspector and not the overall output. Is it possible to simultaneously see the overall output while playing a track going to a bus in the arrange window,


Pete Thomas

Staff member
Good question.

Unless someone at Apple has changed this (please!) then we only get the actual track and its out bus. I agree it would be nice to have the final output there (or maybe a chain of track - bus -eventual output)

To see the overall output at the same time you would just need to have a screenset with Arrange and environment/mixer.

Sadly there may now be a limit on how small a window can be, you used to be able to have very tiny windows just big enough for one object, I don't have Logic open at the moment, but I get the feeling you can't do that anymore.


Best thing to do is to open an Environment Window, then choose Frameless Floating Window from under the View menu.

You can then freely resize it as small as you want to show just the one output fader; and place it wherever you want. Make sure to turn off the link mode before going frameless.


Ken Adams

heres's another possibility (if i'm understanding your issue) that works in v.8 (i'm still on that version for various annoying reasons not related to Apple...) and hopefully works still in v.9.

in the inspector on the left of the Arrange window you can toggle between the main output (ie. output 1-2) by clicking on the I/O Output button of the track. To toggle back to the bus output click on the Bus Send. Hopefully the pics here make sense and this is a workaround that is helpful.