Logic Pro 8 Outputting Logic to a Video Chat Program?


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I was wondering if anyone has experience outputting Logic directly into a video chat program for realtime online collaboration/music lessons (but don't need to play together or jam - precluded by Internet latency) or remote mix/tracking monitoring?
The idea is to input my guitar (amp sim and cabinet impulse plug-ins) and a talkback mic into the MOTU, arm their tracks in Logic and send the output of Logic to the video chat (with an external camera connected to the Firewire port) and to my monitoring system. I know that I could just run voice and guitar thru the mic, but guitar sound quality is poor.
I have had a hard time making this work. I have tried Skype, iChat and Google Hangouts. From what I have read there are a couple of ways to route the audio to a video chat program for free:
1) Soundflower
2) OSX Jack
Tried Soundflower, so far. I made an aggregate audio device of the MOTU and Soundflower 2 ch, then selected the aggregate device as the audio device in Logic. Effectively making a splitter. In the video chat program, I selected the aggregate device as the microphone input and the MOTU as the output for monitoring my chat partner.
By doing some research, I have found what I think to be root cause for each video chat program not working:
Skype: does not work with MOTU interface
Google Hangouts: does not work with Firewire interfaces
iChat: does not support aggregate audio devices
For Skype and Hangouts, I tried aggregating the Built-In Line Out with the MOTU and selecting this as the mic input, to see if I could get around the compatibility issues, but no luck.
Also, because of the way the outputs are allocated when you make an aggregate device, the Soundflower outputs show up on Output 3-4. I tried bussing the guitar and mic to Output 3-4 to account for this, but again no luck.
Would love to hear any ideas or experience anyone has with this.

Mac Pro 2008 8 core
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When we do remote recording we talk and I listen over Skype and the studio sends me their output as a webstream using Nicecast.

Works well, but there's huge latency (several seconds) and the latency builds up over time so we have to reconnect every so often.

Not the best solution, but I would be very interested how other people handle this!

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