Logic Pro (X) overwhelmed


I switched to logic from garage band because I use so many tracks that I get latency lags, and it was taking forever to freeze and save.

I have opened my large (20 track) garage band file in logic. I have had to bounce my multiple track file onto one track, and I record onto an external hard drive. The latent lag is gone, but I have the laborious process of saving all my new regions into audio files and then importing them into the master file that is not bounced. Then I add my new stuff, and bounce again and then record on the new bounced file.

I could live with all that. But now, after having gone through all of that, and using a laborious process, when I start recording new tracks on my bounced file, I get a message that the volume on the external hard drive is full. So I have to record one or two regions, save them, delete them from the bounced file I am using, and then start recording again.

I really enjoy my home studio, and I do use many tracks, can anyone help me find a way to conveniently work on a large file without a latency lag and without getting lags, and without all that bouncing, an without getting shut down because the volume is full.
ps I know about freezing, but I think bouncing opens more space

please help
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when I start recording new tracks on my bounced file, I get a message that the volume on the external hard drive is full. So I have to record one or two regions, save them, delete them from the bounced file I am using, and then start recording again.

I hate to ask the obvious, but - are you sure you actually do have an appropriate amount of free space available on your hard drive?
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No problem asking the obvious. I am in over my head. All I can say is I am using a recently fully updated large mac laptop and I am recording onto a brand new terabyte external hard drive I am using an m audio interface.

I think part of the problem is that the garage band file that I opened into logic was "messy" in terms of having a lot of regions pasted on to various tracks. The problem stems from the fact that I am not a great musician so I do multiple vocal tracks to get it sounding right. and I sometimes have to record only one measure at a time when I am using the keyboard.

But I am a nice guy
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How many songs do you have on the terrabyte drive? That should be big enough for many large songs. What bit depth and sampling rate are you working at? Personnally for general song tracking i never always use 44.1 24 bit. The 24 bit gives all the signal to noise you can possibly need and adds smooth decay over 16 bit. Higher sampling rates have diminishing returns. If you use 96 k sampling you more than doube data with little return. A rough calculation at 44/24 gives me more than 600 songs of 20 tracks at 10 minutes length.

I'd bet the almost full message is referring to your startup drive. I csn't speak for logic but modern computers use more cacheing then ever (temporary storage).
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still overwhelmed

When I try to record get the message
Volume "Macintosh HD" is full.
I get it with a brand new project with one small track. My Mac is plenty big, I am recording onto a good external hard drive, It happens whether i record onto the external hard drive or right onto my MAC.

I have gotten new and upgraded everything except my M Audio interface.

I used to think the problem was that my projects were too big. But it happening on a new project with one track...just trying to get a single base note on the first beat of a four bar groove. nothing else.
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select the drive icon for Macintosh HD and do a get info command. (apple i) see how much space that drive has. It is probably using that to store content (samples, settings) and as a cache. It may be the drive in every case that is having the issue. So whatever drive you record to, if that one is full or too full, even if the record drive has lots of space, you can run into that. What size is the drive and how much is on there?
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Thanks. I can't even do that. I will go back with your message to the mac store. The guy there who has been trying to help me is good he does not know logic though. I also am making a ocntqct with a logic guy in my town. I don't even know who to deselect the drive icon for Macintosh HD.

Old and learn my own way but determined and like music but would like to finish one of my good pieces. thanks
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hey, finally got things going. After all the updating to get more room for many track projects I started getting the volume full message. After your last reply I started clinic kin on the apple icon and preferences. I got into the sound preferences and found a volume setting in which the slider was all the way at maximum. Put that down to the middle. Now I seem to be back in the game recording and all is going well.
thanks for your interest and help
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+1 for Groove3.com. Well worth the subscription. Being a newbie to Logic, Eli's videos helped a TON with the learning curve.
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Volume full refers to your hard drive (also known as a volume, like a volume in an encyclopedia) having too many files, not that the volume (loudness) of your track is at it's maximum.
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thanks i am solving the problem by going to the apple preferences and sliding down the volume scale for the input from the m audio interface. I am recording onto a large empty external hard drive. and my mac notebook is not too full. doing pretty well now

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In garage band I was able to edit the sound effects and save them with a new name. I can get my legacy sound effects combinations in logic. I can get to smart controls. But I do not know how to find the entire menu of ways I can tweak the sound of my voice. Specifically I would like to make a vocal of mine up a minor third, and I can not find the menu that has options like that in logic.
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