Logic Pro 8 overwritten folder by mistake


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I Replaced a folder with a folder of the same name , so overwriting the older foldr and thus losing 5 GB of content ? Is the content still on my hard drive . is it possivle to recover this content? Logics Open recent option only allows 8 recent projects to open . perhaps if this was as many as 30 , i could somehow find the previous projects , thought thet are not to be found on a classic search.
many thanks .
Sad to tell you this but unlikely. I have never once successfully recovered overwritten data on Mac OSX. IF there IS a way, I haven't found it.

The main reason is that what happened when you do this is 2 things: the OS deleted the directory reference to the data... it's still there, but the OS doesn't see it. Then when you copy the new filer, it often uses the same area of the drive, so your old data, the stuff you need to recover, is no longer available to recover.
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Thank you , i have sadly come to this conclusion . The Replace option is only too easily engaged and , as you say, the overwriting process seems to be ultimate. Atleast I will spend no more time on this and get on with recreating files . Thankyou again George.
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