Pairing Novation Automap & Euphonix EuContol


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Does anyone use a Automap 3.3 Novation controller for midi along side a Euphonix DAW controller? I'm curious if this is possible and if so, are there conflicts? I've just "inherited" a Euphonix MC control in a swap but was planning to get a Novation 61SL MkII as keyboard & midi controller. Both controller options are intriguing but as I'm relatively inexperienced with the MC control and new to midi period I'm unsure of the compatibility issues & the advantage/disadvantage spectrum. My ideal would of course be for the Novation and the MC control to both run simultaneously and for me to be able to designate assignments to both as I feel out what works best between both the recording and mixing stages.

Any feedback would be very much appreciated.

Thanks Very Much
Automap really isn't worth the effort... I got the Pro version in the hope it would resolve any issues I was having with the standard version, but it is not a simple plug and play setup as the name would imply. Having to wrap plugins and modify environments etc etc... just isn't cool.
These days I use my RemoteSLs buttons and dials as controllers for key commands etc, setup via the control surfaces learn function... oh, along with an MCU, which I haven't found anything (at the moment) better than.

It pretty much *is* worth the effort, especially since Logic 9.1 was released which better integrates AutoMap Pro with Logic. I've found that the Automap system works quite well, with minimal setup. For what I need to use it for, there is very little mucking about 'under the hood' that I find I have to do. I have 2 Novation Controllers that I use side by side and they live very happily along side one another.

The only plug in I have had trouble with is Kore 2. At first I thought it had to do with the fact I wasn't using the Kore Controller, but I'm starting to realize that the issue is that Kore has a lot going on 'under the hood' and the Novation Controllers see *all* of the assignable parameters, which makes is hard to keep paging through and find the exact one I want to control...
You've got 9.1?

It's the minimal setup that you don't have to do with any 'conforming' controllers that bugs me. Not to mention, if for some reason in the future you need to revisit your session and you've moved on from Automap some years ago and don't have the wrapped plugins (3rd party that is), how is your session going to open without the wrapped plugs? Unfortunately, the system isn't smart enough to know about the unwrapped equivalents.
It's just a little warning.
Wrapping vs. Unwrapping

In Logic you are free to choose, anytime, the 'wrapped' or the 'unwrapped' version. If the warapped version is not available you'll have the unwrapped version... the system is well-designed and works well now- things change so much in this industry that it does not really pay to look tooo far ahead when designing a workflow- to me if a system is stable, easy to use and set up and intuitive like the AutoMap system is, thaen it makes a good choice now...
It doesn't seem to behave like that for third party plugins though. It will just launch with the 'plugin missing' message and display it in the session with it crossed out. Of course you can change it manually, but then your settings aren't there... This is all irrelevant if you don't have to ever recall an older session, but what I am trying to explain is that it is not as transparent as say an MCU or Eucon, which doesn't require modifying templates and the like.
Look, if it really has improved out of site from the previous version (3.3pro), I may give it another go.