Logic Pro (X) Panning Echo

Jay Denson

Here's a little trick I used back in the day to get tracks to repeat from left to right - good for ethereal effects. We used a stereo tape machine. Here's how you do it on a DAW:

Panning Echo Setup

See attached signal flow diagram.

Let's use bus 1 and 2 - they could be any buses you choose.

Send postfade from source track(s) @ -4.5dB to bus 1

Also send blind (i.e. send level at - infinity) to bus 2 in order to maintain solo isolate status of bus 2 (do this from every contributing source).

Use LP tape delay plugin- wet output only - set to 69% both 1 and 2 bus channels.

Select the delay time you want. Tempo related is usually good.

Send from bus 1 prefade to bus 2 @ -4.5dB
Send from bus 2 prefade to bus 1 to get feedback in the loop - as much as you like.

set bus 1 and 2 faders identically for overall FX level in the mix. Pan bus 1 left and bus 2 right.

Hope you enjoy this. Jay


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