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Luckily I don't have to deal with a whole lot of panning but recently I have and the results aren't great.
It seems that in both absolute and relative panning there is a big hitch just l & r of center. (I'm probably wrong but I don't recall hearing this in earlier versions.)
What might I be missing here because this is just too weird for there not to be a proper way which I'm, obviously, not doing it.

Logic Pro v10.6.3


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What sort of a "big hitch" are you experiencing? Is this occurring just in one project, just in one channel, or is it happening "across the board"?
Is it with audio, instruments, both?

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Thanks for your reply.
I'm, obviously, not at all sure of what's going on as today the pan sounds fine.
The "big hitch" was previously heard as a really hard switch (not a smooth transition) from one side to the other when the pan goes from +20 to -20. In this instance is was on a plugin. I've tried it on a brand new project to see if it would occur again and all seems good.
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