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But, isn't it plain that Apple has successfully navigated the market for decades on the waves of its own standards-related delusions of grandeur?

Why'd they so want to kill SCSI? Why'd they so want to delete the USB to daisy-chaining SCSI converters that were widely available a few years ago? Why will they abandon Firewire? Why will they abandon USB?

Isn't it clear that they will abandon MIDI as well at long last? What happened to Sound Diver? Parts of its code are sleeping beneath the surface even in Logic 8, yet Apple is entirely deaf to the concept of reviving that amazing platform, that Emagic created entirely in response to its customers' real needs.

And the only reason Apple can get away with any of this is that for people plugged deeply into Logic and the whole Apple trip, they are the only show in town - we're their captive audience. If it were not that way, they'd listen to us, their customer base, instead.

Each of the minor (for Apple) details they have abandoned in the various incarnations of Logic would have cost them a pittance to implement compared to what they're making off of us, while the loss each of those details caused a world of trouble for people who have been forced to eliminate highly functional methods and techniques (including software) that took our time and money to learn and integrate into a smooth workflow.

But here's the bottom line: unfortunately, voting with your wallet is really the only way to make a company sit up and pay attention. But how many of us are prepared to abandon Apple to make a point? I'm not. Not yet anyway. And have you noticed, in places like this forum, how often when Apple's lack of audio customer attention span is discussed, a similar lack of audio customer attention span on the part of other software and hardware developers is brought up. Crowd alibi, for what it's worth...

If I could have one wish it would be this: that Apple, potentially the sole customer-responsive company in its class, would find a way to let us paying users really shape the process of development for both software and hardware. For those of us with extensive MIDI setups, the loss of Sound Diver was a resounding blow, struck by none other than Apple. Pick up the ball Apple, get back in the driver's seat. Don't just hunger for money, hunger once again for the thrill...
I am positive this post will get moved to the "moan zone" by the primary site admin until your comment (and mine) are deleted, but for the record I agree with you completely. Furthermore, I think Apple should read comments like this. I believe such customer sentiment should NOT be censored, but alas I do not run this site.
I completely agree with the initial post, Sound Diver should always be included with logic. Midi is still a standard and used in many studios, instrument editors like sound diver are few and far between, something was lost when it was dropped. I dropped logic when they dropped sound diver. I just bought a new mac mini with logic 9 to give it another shot hoping that sound diver or something similar was included, but obv it isnt... Very upset. Logic is great.. The lack of sound diver is not... If its in there, bring it back!

I have suggested this to Apple as feedback for a feature request, I hope others do too.