Logic Pro 8 Pasting a series of tempo values


I'm going way overboard designing a play-along track for guitar warm-ups,
and I'm looking for a smarter/easier way to enter a series of values into a
list of already defined tempo change events (in the Tempo List Editor).

At first, I designed what looks like a stepped pyramid in the Arrange
Window's tempo track. I had a song section about 60 measure's long, and
the tempo increased by 1 bpm each of the first 30 measures, then went
back down at the same rate for the last 30 measures.

Then I decided to get fancy. Using a graphing calculator app, I designed a
cosine wave to act as a smoother version of the pyramid. I made the
horizontal axis represent the bar-number in my song, and the vertical axis
represent the tempo. The tempo spends more time around each extreme
this way, and less time in the middle-of-the-range tempos, which was part of
the reason I did this.

So the graphing calc plotted a series of tempo values, which I then entered
(manually) into Logic via the Tempo List Editor. Very tedious work, even if
you don't go further overboard and do each value to four decimal places like
I did. And yes, I know, this is getting borderline OCD :rolleyes:

Anyway, now I need to fiddle with the shape of the curve (I need to
compress it to span a smaller range of tempos), and I'm wondering if there's
an easier way to input my new series of tempo values into the existing
tempo events, or if I'm stuck doing it manually again. A programmer friend
mentioned scripting, which is something I've heard of, but not really used.

Any help would be awesome. I've included a pic (below) to try and clarify
what I'm describing.

Oh, and in case it matters, I'm working on Logic Express 7, Mac OS X 10.4

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