Logic Pro 8 Patch selection in MultiInstrument issue

STATS: OSX Leopard, Logic 8, Midisport 4x4(MAC), Roland XP50

ISSUE: I can only seem to use one patch for my mulitiInstrument (Roland XP50).

SYMPTOM: With all 16 midi channels available in the environment, I can call up a patch to record one track, but when I try to record another track, any new sound will take place of the sound of the previous track on a different Midi Channel.
Interesting enough, it doesn't do that with the other modules. Just this one lately.

QUESTION: How can I get it to utilize all 16 channels of my XP50 as before?

Please help if you can. THanks!
Strangely, now all my modules can only do one patch each though they are in Multi-timberal mode. It just started doing it where one sound on another patch plays on all previous tracks in the sound module. I must have changed something in Logic. Sounds familiar to anyone?
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