Pattern switching techniques

Hello guys

I was recently working with a friend in Ableton 9.I was blown away by the way you can make sections of your track and then flick seamlessly through them and record an arrangement on the fly. I have been struggling recently with the arrangement of my tracks and this has opened my eyes.We were able to jam away and create really spontaneous random arrangements that I really liked. This way of working for me is incredibly exciting but I am in love with Logic.I have been using Logic for a few years now and I'm really comfortable with it.I don't want to jump ship so to speak.Is there any software or dedicated hardware for Logic like the Apc40 for Ableton that I could use to get this desired effect? I want to create sections of my tracks and just jamm away jumping from one to another whilst messing with an array of effects as well.This is the missing link in my work flow.Please can you give me some advice,it would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Scott,

I'm afraid there's no single magic answer to your question. Abelton Live is a completely different app, built on a completely different workflow paradigm. Logic simply doesn't do the same things.

Having said that, there are a couple of things in Logic you could try that might push you in the direction you are looking for.

1. You could explore the Touch Tracks feature in the environment. It is a bit laborious to set up, but might work nicely for what you want. Basically, it involves packing the arrangement sections you want to work with into folders (the old fashioned kind, not the new Logic X folder stacks). And then assigning those folders to notes in the Touch Tracks object so they can be triggered by MIDI notes. the triggers can be latched or not, and synced to the next beat or subdivision, etc. You can then record in a MIDI performance playing the trigger notes to trigger the different arrangement sections.

2. Bounce down the arrangement sections and any variations to audio files. Then create an EXS 24 instrument with these regions assigned to be triggered by MIDI notes. This is actually easy to set up. Lay out your bounced regions/arrangement sections on a track and then use the Bounce to Sampler Track option. Once that's set up you can record a MIDI performance of the trigger notes triggering the various sections.
Hello Eli

Thank you very much indeed.I have just been on your website and sent you a similar e mail.You need not reply to that.

Using individual midi notes for whole sections isn't really what I'm looking for.I have used the pattern switching in Ultrabeat which uses this method but it just doesn't give me the flexibility I want.I would like to jam and record and be able to go back and tweak sections as I please. I would get a few loops roughly balanced and eq'd and then do the live jam and record everything but on separate tracks so I can go back in and do some fine editing.With whole sections bounced I won't be able to have this luxury.

Will I have to take the leap to Ableton for these luxuries do you think Eli?

Thank you for the reply brother

Will I have to take the leap to Ableton for these luxuries do you think Eli?


Hi Scott,

I'm not an Abelton user, so can't really speak with any certainty about it. But it sounds, from what you are describing, like it might be the path of least resistance to get to where you want to be. And I'm personally all for minimizing resistance in general whenever possible :D
Ah ha, I profusely second your wise words about resistance.Resistance causes more resistance which cut throats the umbilical cord attached to creativity.

I have decided to go with my gut instinct and work with Ableton and Logic to find my way.I want to dj/perform with Ableton so it makes sense to let them work together.I will get my loops down in Logic(main ideas) transfer the sections to Ableton for the live jam,bounce the stems of the arrangement and fire it back into Logic for the sparkly treatment.This sounds long winded but I'm confident this will get me moving forward and getting the results I desire.I will also be open to all opportunities as they arise in the process.I will let you know how I get on so if anyone else presents you with a question like mine,you'll hopefully be able to shed some light.

Thanks for the feedback Eli,speak soon my friend.I shall be purchasing some Ableton tutorials from you soon.

Best regards

I shall be purchasing some Ableton tutorials from you soon.


I don't personally do any of the groove3 Abelton Live tutorials, but I know they do have several Abelton titles that are very well done. Good luck, and most importantly - have fun! :D