Paul Robinson

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Drums Made To Measure for your track. Please go to for details. You can hear the drum sound, hear my 3 years of show reels & see me performing with Nina Simone, Grace Jones, Seal, The Buggles, The Art Of Noise & many more. Hope to hear from you soon. All the best, Paul.


Paul has been my number one favourite performance drummer for a very long time - I've done a lot of live playing with him, mainly jazz and afro. Whatever the genre, he's on top of it - immaculate concentration - full range from ultra simple to crazy complex - whatever the brief, highly recommended.

I've just tried his online service and it's right on the money.

Those of you who, like me, have done a fair amount of producing/mixing using programmed MIDI drums should at least try buying one set of Paul's customised tracks - you'll get 11+ tracks of immaculately recorded and performed /human/ drums to suit the bounce you send him.

Check out his movie clips