pc based logic - how we suffer

Rohan Walker

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pc based logic systems
I am a 15 year user of logic.
my midi system is enormous (boasting as many as 384 midi channels.
about 12 years ago i paid top dollar (and I mean top dollar) $700 for sound diver.
it never worked.
I then got the people from the music shop to come to my studio to help with sound diver's configuration - they charged me a whopping $400 aust dollars for 2 visits, could not help, but charged me anyway.
sound diver was an extinct bovine. and has continued to be so for 15 years.
so I just wrote it off as a bad investment and assumed the characteristic frown.
this attitude has been confirmed by the lack of support now that logic has been targeted by apple.
I still have the sound diver software, but the version is so old that it will not even boot on my xp system.
it would be so nice to get access through midi to the internal workings of all those lovely hardware synthesizers.
does anyone have any bright ideas?
Rohan can you give us some specifics regarding why SD was not working for you? I was involved in small parts of the development of that program and may be able to help but it would require you to have z computer ghat could run the software of course.
Dear Paul
I am grateful to you for your efforts on my behalf
I think that the best way for me to solve sound diver problem
would be for me to purchase a new - updated copy of SD.
I have been scavanging the net for years now
and have not been able to find Sound-diver for pc.
there are only mac versions.
if you have info on pc version I would be very glad to find out.
many thanks