PC to Mac : Logic Windows 5.1 to Logic X


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After years in the Logic wilderness I am thinking of upgrading my whole system from Windows to Mac. Th power of my old PC is nothing compared to todays computing so I am am sure I can get a great system using a basic iMac or Macbook Pro.

I'm after the best fit to have an integrated audio interface (phantom power mic and line in are fine & two out) that uses either firewire, thunderbolt or usb 3. what is the best way to connect ?

I also assume these days its a better practice to have all your audio files for projects held on an external device . Is this true ? or is it better to have a solid state internal storage and read and write from that and store an external drive ?

I guess I just want some ideas on the most effective way to go, some choices on audio interface and a system with average to good performance.

Thanks in advance, Greg :hippy: