Logic Pro 8 Pedal Steel apple loops besides Jam Packs


Anyone know a blue apple loop library for pedal steel(fiddle,banjo,mando and harp would be cool too)?I'm not looking to try and play in a sampler just want some solid pedal steel licks loops in a fair amount of keys(all of them!!) and tempos(70-150!!) and more than just major chords.

I heard some BIB ones that actually sounded good!....there's got to be something as good and more versatile (I'm not gettiing BIB though)or better out there.

The only one I can find is Sony Nashville Wire.It looks fairly limited and the demos on their page..well ....I wasn't impressed:errr: .The Jam Packs were WAY better!.

Another related question.Has anyone done something like this.I'd like to see the loop labeled in the browser by the chord or chord pattern.It's all I-IV-V.and I'd like to label them so I don't have to audition so much.Thanks

Sorry, can't answer your question, but I must say I also miss a more musical structure oriented way of labeling loops. Chord progression symbols in the names might indeed be part of a solution.
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Thanks Sy,

I thought for sure there'd be more steel loops.....(hhhmmmm :jammming:)

It would be great to alter the file name in the loop browser.

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