Perfect MacBook configuration for Logic X?


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I am admittedly new to recording - sort of - so bear with me....

I have a MBA running 4 GB w/an external hard drive of 200GB.
About half the space of each is used up as is.

What, if you had the money, would be the perfect laptop configuration in terms of RAM, storage, and processor speed?

I am planning on getting a new laptop for everything, but I don't want to give away an arm and a leg.
With Logic more cores are better, the 15 inch models have quad core i7 CPUs
RAM maxes out at 16 GB.

The 15 inch has nearly twice the power of the 13 inch dual core models, when using Logic.

Any audio interface with Core Audio drivers will work with Logic, and other audio, video apps.

I have an old MOTU 828 that works fine with all of my Macs.
MOTU has a good reputation wic Macs.