Logic Pro 9 Phantom/ ghost audio and pasting tracks from one project to another!!


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Hi folks - first post!

Sorry if this is a bit long-winded but, as a relative novice to Logic, I am at a loss as to how to proceed.

Basically, I have multi-track recorded my entire band and I have one large project (project A) with all the parts in it bar the vocals.

This past weekend, I decided to embark on vocals. As a result, I re-saved project A under the name, project B. I did this so that I wouldn't be worrying about messing up any of the recorded parts whilst recording vocals. Before I started recording anything, I used a bounced mp3 mix of project A as my only other track in project B. over the course of a couple of hours, I populated project B with vocals over about 5 audio tracks.

Having done a very elementary edit of the vocals, I decided I wanted to put the vocal tracks into the master project (project A).

Now, this is where it all starts to go pear-shaped...

I can import the vocals tracks using the browser section in logic and highlighting the appropriate project to copy from, but whenever I do, none of the audio elements paste in at the right position... The only issue, or so I thought...

Not so, as there appears to be some phantom, mysterious audio clip that plays just before the vocals come in. No matter what I do, it's always there and it is driving me nuts. I essentially cant import the vocal tracks from project b to a withou causing some weird phantom audio to play, off time, off syncs and impossible to get rid of... Even with most of the other tracks switched off.

I recently got an error code along the lines -35 and -39 (can't remember) so might that have something to do with the ghost audio and the inability to paste tracks from other projects?

As I recorded all my vocals painstakingly and perfectly, the thought of re-recording them in project a is the surf of nightmares. Please help me export the audio tracks from project b to a and help me eliminate the phantom audio!

Thanks in advance.

A very depressed amateur recording person!

As you have discovered, Logic doesn't like to have more than 1 session open at a time, and than to copy and paste audio data from one to the other is, to put it mildly, a huge mess.

Do you have the first original session? I suggest you restart from there.

Open the master file, cut out all of the audio of the unwanted takes (say keep song 2, and cut at the beginning of the take, delete the audio before, then cut at the end, and delete the audio from that.

Move your current audio to the beginning of the song file, name the Logic file "Song 2". (rubber band all your tracks at once and drag to the left...)

Now save as copy, and make sure all your audio media is also copied (yea, it's a pain to double your data but you will get rid of any extra in the next step).

Next, open your audio bin, and from the edit menu, select "delete unused audio" that will remove any unused regions (the stuff you cut from the top and bottom of your file). Next, from the edit menu, "select all" , and then from the file menu, select " Optimize files" It will ask how long you want the handle to be, 1 second is the default I believe, that should be good. FYI the handle is the extra audio left at the beginning and end of the file out side of the region you are optimizing (which could also be called trimming).

Once you have completed these steps, you should now have a new Logic song folder, containing a new Logic file, and an audio folder that contains the audio files from that part of your "master" take.

Nice and clean.

Now, if you wanna copy data from one song file to another, either export the track from the source file and import the audio from within the bin, or drag and drop it from the finder into your open Logic song. DO NOT copy from 1 open Logic song to a second open Logic song...

Hope this helps and makes sense. I suggest before you try this, make a copy of your entire master file to a second drive, and disconnect that drive before you start, so if you go wrong, you won't loose any important data.


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Thanks so much for the tips. Going to try this today and will keep you posted as to any success! Hopefully this will remedy matters!


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Hi - this solution cleared up 90% of my issues! Thanks so much - the rat was just trial and error! Much happier now though so thanks again!