Logic Pro 9 phased-locked audio 'inconsistant region start' problem during cross fade edits

Hi there. I am having a problem when editing some phased locked drums.
I keep getting 'inconsistant region start' messages and my phased-locked audio gets 'unlocked' ,screwing up my edits.
This is my work flow:
Group my drums (which are in take folders) . Select phase locked audio function.
Edit them with flextime.
Create crossfades
...and then when I want to flatten my desired take i keep get the 'inconsistent region start box appear' and then 'unlocks' phase lock function on my drums screwing them all up!

Can you not use 'phase locked edits' on groups with fade files?
Can you not flatten a take folder on a flextime-phase-locked track, after some cross fades?

Really weird, hope some expert genius can help with this one.
Update; This is nothing to do with fade files, its doing it on grouped tracks with phase-locked audio + take folders + flextime

All the groups have been grouped from the beginning so have the same region start times, so do not know why the message 'inconsistent region start' message and then unlocking phase lock of the groups .
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