Logic Pro 8 phonogenic


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Hi. I have a problem with Logic 8 and I'm wondering if anyone can help.
When I record an audio track I can see the sign wave as I'm recording but as soon as I turn off record the sign wave disappears.
I can hear it but I can't see it. This makes editing very difficult.
If I extend the Arrange window to it's full length I can sometimes see the sign wave but editing is still almost impossible. It just becomes guess work and shifting backwards and forwards for the longest time. Cutting and glueing sections is virtually impossible.
Has anyone else had this problem ?

Doug Zangar

How saying what version of Logic 8 you're using and what OS?

That said, I'll take a stab.(You can google your problem and find a number of posts/solutions on various forums).

Repair permissions.

Save your project to a drive you have permissions on.

Set your record delay to 0. Go to preferences>audio>devices>core audio>recoding delay.

Go to Logic's Bin. In audio menu select update file information.


Leon Gilroy

if its not a bug then it sounds like a low signal, you should try stretching the view vertically also...quick way to do this is press Z on the arrange window, another way is a small slider to the right of the arrange window underneath the scroll bar.

If this is the case double clicking the region will open up the audio editor, at the top are tabs, click function and then normalize and it may help bring the levels up, works best on cleaner recordings though because any noise may be pumped too...make sure you 're-jig' your effects chain to make it sound tasty again.

sorry about lack of terminology here but the increase in volume is also limited to the loudest peak....so for that particular region if there is any loud parts (example=a vocal recorded without a pop shield having an airy 'B or P' pop) significantly higher than the majority of the region it will negatively effect the efficiency of the normalize function....

what i do which is probably the wrong way but works...is identify any unwanted irregularities or loudness in the audio region in the audio editor...then click drag to highlight them individually , and click functions , change gain and bring them down one by one to match the average of the track or whatever sounds good...then normalize, this will prevent them from getting in the way