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Hi all I've been using logic audio since 7 but unlike cubase/ableton ecc I never figured out if is actually possible to duplicate a note in same length with a hot key which could actually handy if you are willing to make a 4/4 kickdrum beat for istance.
In cubase, ableton ecc u just select the note and than press ctrl/cmd + d but in logic that doesn't work.

quite a simple question but could speed up my workflow...ideas?
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You can do this using the standard Copy Paste KCs Comm + C and Comm + V. Open the piano roll, select the note you wish to copy, hit Comm + C. Place the Playhead wherever you wish the copied note to be pasted, hit Comm + V. You're done. You can also copy several notes with this KC, although depending on what you want to do, it may make more sense to either copy paste whole regions, or use the alias function.

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well since I'm doing hardcore dnb mostly I happen to have 4/4 bassdrums, I do exactly as u say right now but the other way which automatically places the note right after the one you are copying was faster! I mean I could fill up patterns in less time...

I also happen to make short patterns than press L so it auto duplicates but I'm sure there must be a faster way....maybe I didn't explain myself well or maybe....there's no such shortcut in logic..?!
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I think cmd+R should do what you want. Create a single note, select it, then press cmd+R - Logic will ask for for the number of times you want to replicate the note.

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