Piano Roll Grid/Quantize


Hi Guys
Quick question from a Logic noob. Any help greatly appreciated.
When recoding midi, and editing in the piano roll, scenario is: I have a section that is generally on the beat, say with 8th note quantize, and I want to draw in a triplet phrase. How do I:
1. change the quantise to 8th note triplets WITHOUT it adjusting existing notes.
> I've noticed that changing the quantize drop down moves stuff around rather than waiting for a "over quantise" command.
2. change the grid to relfect the quantize
> it doesn't seem to change when I change the quanitze drop down
3. snap drawn notes to the grid (or at least to the currently selected quantize).
> it seems to be completely free form ??

I'm guessing I'm just being dumb, as these seem pretty simple.

Thanks in advance of any help.


Doug Zangar

If you adjust the quantization via the Piano Roll local inspector, all adjustments are based on a selection. Don't have anything selected and then change your Q.

The grid for all editors is in the LCD display - change it from 16ths to 12ths if you want a triplet grid.

Snapping doesn't have to be free form, look at your PR snap settings