Logic Pro 9 Piano Roll "Help Tag" bug?


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Hi guys,

In our template, we have two screensets with the Piano Roll at the bottom, one for editing Modulation, and the other for editing CC7. Both of these seem to be displaying "Help Tag" information wrong when "click and hold" is performed on a note.

On the default Arrange/Piano Roll of Screenset 1, this Piano Roll Help Tag data displays correctly. As seen in the first photo here:


However, when in these other two screensets, the help tag info displays incorrectly, as seen here:


Anyone have any insights? Is this a bug? I cannot duplicate it on other rigs...

Any thoughts or help is greatly appreciated.

Have lurked for a loooong time, glad to be officially part of the group...

Doug Zangar

I don't see wrong information - but I do see that information is missing. Is that what you mean?

I also see you have Logic starting with negative bar numbers. This is a long-standing problem in Logic and can create all sorts of weird problems. I would advise against this.
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Colin Shapiro


I'm not trying to answer for the original poster, but in my case it is indeed missing info (not wrong info).

For the record, I never use negative bar numbers, so that can't be the cause here.
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Colin Shapiro

I always look at the help tags when moving notes, both in the Piano Roll and Score.
With this bug, you don't get the note name displayed, though you do get the transposition amount (eg -3 or +7 etc). You also don't get note length displayed.

Also, it only seems to happen in a standalone Piano Roll window - NOT when the Piano Roll is below the Arrange in the "grand" window setup.
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