Logic Pro X Piano roll is locked onto one region, can't find anything else...


Hi All,

Running Logic 10.4.4 on a 2010 Mac Pro (32GB) running OS Sierra. This problem has happened a few times with larger arrangements. The piano roll editor seems fixated on one region and when I try to view (much less edit) any other region it's just blank. The piece plays no problem, but I'm stuck in the water until I can figure this out. In the past when this has happened I've started a new piece from scratch and copied all the regions and automation into it. I'd rather not do that this time as it's 855 bars and half an hour of music with lots of time and tempo changes. FWIW, the last thing I did was set up an articulation set for the Hollywood Woodwinds. Any ideas what's going on?

Steve Chandler


I had no idea what link mode was before you asked. The first place I looked it was off, but toggling it in the roll editor seems to have solved the problem. I have no idea how that cold have gotten turned on. THANK YOU!!!

Colin Shapiro

You're welcome.
There are 2 link modes:
  • Off: Unlinks the window from other windows.
  • Same Level: When selected, the editor window always displays the same contents as the window with key focus, and updates whenever the window with key focus changes. For example, if the Score Editor has key focus, in Same Level Link mode, the Event List displays the same data as the Score Editor (numerically, of course).
  • Content: When selected, the editor window always shows the contents of the region selected in the window with key focus. In this case, the display level is always one level lower than that of the top window. For example, if the Tracks area is the active window, any open MIDI editor shows the events of the selected MIDI region. You can also use Content Link mode in one Tracks area to display the folder contents of another Tracks area.