Logic Pro 9 Piano Roll note doubling on drag

When I go to drag a midi note within the Piano Roll it often creates a double note on the same pitch. One where the original was and one where I wanted the edit to be. For example, if I have a quarter note that I played a bit behind the beat and I drag it to the beat, the old one is still there as well. I am not sure why this happens most of the time but not all of the time. I don't want it to happen at all.

Thanks in advance for your advice.
Hmmm... which tool is selected? Is it the pointer?

I have an intermittent and almost opposite problem which seems like a bug.

When I hold down 'alt' and click-drag on a note, etc, to copy it, sometimes it just drags the note. This is even though the help tag says "copy note".

Mildly annoying but always works after a few tries so not a show stopper.
Robert, yes it is when I go to move the note with the pointer tool. I can work around by individually deleting the old note, but its a bit of a pain. I wonder if I am doing something wrong or if it is a bug.

I haven't noticed creating double notes when dragging a note to a new location.

However, I do seem to notice that option-dragging does at times result in simply moving the note when the intent is to copy it. My assumption has been that my mind is moving faster than my fingers;), meaning that I've released the option key before the mouse click.

Interesting, particularly in light of what Robert said above. However, this is not what occurs to me, at least that not what my original issue was. I am just doing a simple left click (hold down the left button) and drag. This is when a copy often, but not always, occurs.

It seems, given the 3 of us on this post, that there may be a bug in this functionality. Not major but there nonetheless. I am interested to see if anyone else has had these experiences.

Finally, I have read many of your other posts. I have found them to quite interesting and insightful. Thanks, LMP
Just a thought - were the doubled notes already there? Some times controllers will generate two identical notes when sending MIDI and Logic records such.

Might check the event list and see if they show up there. Also, the next time it happens you could Undo and go to the Functions>Delete MIDI Events>Duplicates command and see if that takes care of it.

FWIW, I don't remember experiencing this problem.

I think you have hit upon it. Not sure why my controller is doing this (M-Audio Keystation) but it is. I have a very vanilla install. Great tip on checking the events list, I tend to not look there as often as I should.

BTW, are you working on any more DVD training?
Glad that worked - I've definitely seen that happen before. It's also possible you're creating the notes with an option drag, then really not moving the pointer. The event list is a great tool for certain things, exposing duplicate notes being one of them.

One thing to check for is if the notes share the same channel - possible for controllers to send out identical pitch, different MIDI channel.

And yes, still doing DVDs. A new one should be released soon through Groove3, on Soundtrack Pro. I seem to get these done so slowly compared to the incredible production pace of the master, our own Eli Krantzberg (Eli, I salute thee :beer:)
Hi Doug - While mine may come fast, yours go deeeep :D

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Fwiw, I had *exactly* the same problem with my M-Audio Axiom controller. No idea how that happened but all of a sudden it was sending out each note message 4 times. Has been driving me mad for an hour or so, until I checked the event list, which (obviously) was looking quite strange, same with the monitoring object in the environment.
I really don't know why M-Audio keyboards do this. I can't find much sense in that, either. I mean, when you just double a note, it's not that all of a sudden your synth sounds would sound fatter or anything else. Also haven't found anything in the manual, so I guess it's really a bug. Solved it by simply loading another Axiom patch and then switching back.

- Sascha
Thanks for the info. Although this is a minor issue and fixable (after the fact) by Doug's great solution, it is irritating. What really bugs me is that it is sporadic. Within a two measure melody phrase of perhaps 10 notes, it will double on some of them but not others. Oh well, off to bigger and better things. Thanks to all.

I never would have guessed that keyboard controllers could create duplicate notes.

Duplicate notes (false triggers, ghost notes, etc) are common when using a MIDI guitar controller.

The Event List is very helpful in detecting their presence. Using a Monitor in the Environment is another excellent suggestion for problem solving during realtime performance.
I never would have guessed that keyboard controllers could create duplicate notes.
Me neither, really. It had me scratching my head for an hour or more. Simply couldn't track it down because I thought something like that would simply not exist.
And fwiw, yes, I am familiar with such issues from my MIDI guitar setup. Yet, I never thought it'd happen with a plain MIDI keyboard.
I'd guess that there's something seriously wrong in the chip(s), M-Audio is using in their controllers, especially as it seems to be a random thing.

- Sascha
Interesting about the M-Audio keyboards. I've got an Axiom Pro 49 and I've yet to see the duplicate note problem from it...... But I have seen it over the years, thus knowing a way to deal with it.
Interesting about the M-Audio keyboards. I've got an Axiom Pro 49 and I've yet to see the duplicate note problem from it......
I have the very same model. And it happened completely out of the blue. Also, after that event, it didn't happen again. Yet, it's quite strange that I don't seem to be the only person experiencing this.

- Sascha
Go figure on this one with the Pro 49. As mentioned earlier I've seen it over the years. I honestly don't know if the controller is sending the info (I certainly believe this to be true when the notes have different MIDI channels) or if Logic is somehow to blame. Seems intermittent enough it's hard to figure out the problem. I guess we just have to hope Apple won't drop the event list......