Piano Roll: trimming note lengths from multiple tracks

Wish for: ability to use shift modifier to trim all selected notes from multiple tracks as displayed in the editor. You can do this with multiple notes of same track, but not with notes from multiple tracks.

Bug: try cutting note ends from multiple tracks in editor - go figure where your view goes......
On my system (ancient dual G5 2.7,) this generally works when I use the keycommand 'split regions/events by playhead'. I think the click/drag is funky. However if you select all notes, position the playhead where you want the notes to end and cut - it usually works. Give it a try...interested...
I think Logic can do what you want. E.g. when I'm working on a Bigband score and decide I want a certain chord in the trombones played 1 beat longer, I select the four trombone regions and stretch the four notes in the piano roll editor. The score window adapts automatically. Works perfectly like that. Good luck, Bart
Thanks Bart, but I think Logic is doesn't work for me here. I've done a lot of arrangements and it consistently is problematic (doesn't work). I'm on a PPC - perhaps you're on an Intel and the function works differently. From your description your regions are on separate tracks, correct? My problem is with notes on different tracks.

And a late follow up to Jamie's post - split by playhead is a good work around.