Logic Pro 9 Piano Roll velocity view

Hi All,
I am getting a weird thing in LP9 when viewing velocities in the piano roll in multiple windows. You will see from the screen shot that in the top version, a standalone window, I can see the velocites of all the 'old' notes, but I can only see the velocity of the new note I added with the mouse in the lower pop-up Piano Roll. Link is on in both. The problem seems to change as I switch screensets, and my key comms for opening the hyperdraw in the Piano Roll prompts different views to manually clicking the '3 little bars' Hyperdraw button.
I cannot see anyone else getting this, or are they... Maybe I am being confused/stupid, but any help would be most welcome...



I just got the Logic Pro upgrade, hoping that would do it, but no. It looks like it is something to do with MIDI channel numbers. My original region had mixed channel assignments for individual notes, overridden by the track/region. If I transform all notes to (say) ch1, then I get more viewing control/consistency back, but I still have to toggle the hyperdraw area in each window to kick it into action...


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I had the same problem and what works for me, regarding viewing notes on multiple channels that is, is (clicking the '3 little bars' Hyper Draw button and) choosing channel>any when clicking the arrow left of the Hyper Draw area.
After this you unlock the screenset and lock it again so you don't have to toggle it when switching screensets. (You have to do the above for every screenset you want the Hyper Draw in, but of course you only need to do that once.)
Thanks t4d.
I am afraid that this did not work for me.
In my current project, I can see the velocities on the stand-alone Piano Roll editor, but not on the pop up....


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I tried it just now and in the pop up window when I click the '3 little bars' Hyper Draw button and click the little triangle button choosing channel>any, I get to see the velocities for all midi notes, on any channel. (See attached picture.) But that is not what you are getting? Or did I understand you incorrectly?