Logic Pro (X) Piano roll weirdness


I'm having issues editing notes in the piano roll. I go to drag a note longer from the left side of the note and the editor window jumps to the right so I can't see the note I'm dragging. It takes a little finesse to get things to work correctly. Anyone else seeing this behavior?
I took another look at this today. It seems that if the note I'm trying to elongate is on the far right side of the piano roll the piano roll but is only partially viewable, the piano roll wants to jump and reposition itself automatically first so I can see the whole note. I didn't realize this yesterday as the client was in the room. So, I guess it's fine as long as I'm aware of this. Maybe there's a setting that controls this behavior?

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Hey Dave,

This has been discussed on LogicproHelp. It is an annoying change they have made to the way the Piano Roll Editor works. It seems that when you click on a note whose end is beyond the current right window edge, or start is beyond the left window edge, the display jumps to bring it in view, assuming you want to edit the other end of the note. But of course this isn't always the case.

We would all like a preference to disable this behavior, but it doesn't' exist yet. File a feedback request with Apple and add to the growing number of voices; and I don't mean polyphony! :D
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