Logic Pro 9 piano roll; where am I?


This should be an easy one! just don't know whats going on....
Trying to edit some midi notes/events in the piano roll window.
Lets say its a drum track. I highlight it. I want to edit at bar 15, say, so I put the bar on 15 then click piano roll. Why does the piano roll show midi events for, say, bar 23, and not let me move back to bar 15.
Sometimes (only sometimes), I am able to go to the start of the track and see the midi events for the entire track when zoomed out, I go to 15, start editing then, out of the blue, flips back to 23 and I can't get back to 15 again.
What is this silly boy doing wrong?
My guess is that you have several regions on this track.
You may be viewing the region that lies at bar 23 and obviously it has no data in bar 15.

Put your song position line at bar 15 and select the region you want to edit. In the piano roll window, double-click the little chain icon top left - it should be yellow. This is "show contents" mode, which means the piano roll will display the region you select in the arrange window.

That should do it....
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