Logic Pro 9 Pitch and Time: Displays wrong time length

I have been using Pitch and time for many years, but in the last year or two have avoided it more and more as the unpleasant sound artifacts it puts onto acoustic material have put me off.

Recently I purchased Izotope Radius for Logic, so the algorithm is now nestled in my Logic Pitch and Time, so am once again inove with the handy ability to stretch and compress stuff ( Included whole, high-fidelity mixes ) so that I can solve some of the tricky timing problems thrown up by making music for commercial situations.

However, logic is behaving oddly: When, for example, I select a segment of audio which is 10" 5 frames long ( as an example ) and I want to make it last 10" only, I open up the Time and Pitch machine and it tells me that the segment is only 5" long ( roughly ). It seems often to be about half of the actual value.

As I want to be selecting precise amounts of audio, and making them fit another precise time slot so things will work to picture, this is a major disappointment.

If anyone has any ideas, i'd love to hear them. Radius sounds superb BTW- I'm struggling to even notice any adverse effect on the stretched/ compressed audio.

Is this another one of those Logic oddities whhich I just have to live with? I'm sure that when I used this function on everything, about 10 years ago, it worked absoluetly fine....

See attached screenshots if you take an interest in such details...



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Is you "segment" part of a larger file, or is it just a single audio region/file?

Looking over your images I'n not too sure of the issue. the file overview of the audio editor IS 5 seconds long, and and your time signature is 6/8 right?

Off the top of my head I'd say it's a bug related to time signatures other than 4/4, unless you can change this to 4/4 and still have the issue show up.
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