Logic Pro 9 Pitch & Time processing file confusion bug...?


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Tried a search but couldn't find anything on this. This is my first post, so apologies if I missed this issue somewhere on the board...

Been having problems when processing audio with the Sample Window>Factory>Pitch & Time function. I double click a region I want to process, hit ctrl+P, select the amount of pitch shift (100=up one semitone; -100=down), click "process & paste" and then confirm.

what is happening is that the first time i do this after opening a session it will work as expected; the time after that, the audio will be replaced by whatever was processed the time before. this appears to be destructive on a file level too, which I've discovered to my dismay... i had to pitch up a chorus of a song, and every region had to be processed twice (after saving as new files to safeguard from the aforementioned problems) because the error was consistent. :brkwl:

perhaps i'm missing something, but this looks a lot like a bug to me.

hope someone has an inkling what's going on!