Place to Study Sound Design and Synthesis?


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Hey guys,

I'm looking to take a course or be in a non-degree granting program for music production, probably in Europe. Do any of you know of good audio schools where I can study sound design and synthesis in London or Berlin? These two cities are on top of my list right now, but I'm also looking into Sydney, so if any of you are from there, please let me know if you have any suggestions!

Specifically, I would like to study Reaktor. If you have a preferred synthesis program, I'm curious to hear about it! Right now I use the built-in softsynths in Logic 9.

I'm from NYC and we have a school that teaches pretty much exactly what I'm into...
... but I'd rather get out of my element and learn with people who see things differently than I do.

Thanks all,
Why not look online and see if any of the tutorial companies makes something like this? Save you THOUSANDS of $$$$$$$.

In this business no one cares about a certificate, they care if you can do the work you are hired to do ;-). A good demo reel will do more to get you in this type of work that any school grade would get you.
Thanks, George, and I would do this, but I figure I can kill a whole lot of birds with one stone if I do actually enroll in a course.

It's very reassuring to hear that nobody cares about the certificate, because I am hoping to get by on the quality of my work rather than the prestige of my education (or lack thereof). That said, I am not looking for a course in order to earn a certificate, I'm looking in order to:

1) Learn
2) Be around musicians at my level as well as professionals
3) Travel

I could teach myself things in my room, but I wouldn't get 2 or 3 except to the extent that I could interact with people via the internet. I could teach myself in a room in Europe, and maybe I could snoop around for the musicians and make some friends, but maybe I'd be making a big gamble with the airplane tickets and the cost of living, and maybe I wouldn't find serious professionals willing to lend me their time. Which leaves me with the option of paying for their time.

I would really appreciate a lead on schools that teach synthesis in Berlin, London, or anywhere in Europe really.