Logic Pro 7 & earlier platinum 5.0 windows to 9 upgrade


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Ive never found a straight answer to this question;
i have a logic platinum windows version 5.0 with an authorized dongle.
Ive bought the upgrade to logic 9, which will, according to the documentation,
accept the dongle for authorization. What isnt clear is whether it will accept the windows license to upgrade to 9. Ive searched everywhere for an answer.....
If i break the seal on the upgrade and it doesnt work, Im stuck with it...
Anyone have a definitive answer for me? Thanks!
Have you spoken to Apple? They will give yo the definitive answer.

From what I remember you may have to get a new dongle, I vaguely remember Apple would do this, but you needed to prove ownership, ie the original v5 CD.
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Thanks Pete,
I had to wait for logic support from apple until monday morning, but they were very helpful and will provide a new serial number when i send my old xs key to ireland, which Ill do asap! Thanks for your reply and advice....
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