Play 4.1.8 and Hollywood Brass updates are available

Jay Asher

PLAY 4.1.8 is now available for download here -

What's fixed and added in PLAY Software Update v4.1.8?

• CC64 now responds to 120 and above
• Fixed occasional clicking in Hollywood Brass legato patches on Windows
• Fixed occasional license errors that could occur in projects that use both Play and Spaces
• Fixed graphical issue that shows mixer outputs changing unexpectedly
• Fixed an issue that prevents users from manually reassigning keyswitches
• Long instrument names are not truncated appropriately in the instrument list
• Addressed Stereo Swap issue in QL Pianos
• Fixed reverb display issue in The Dark Side interface

Hollywood Brass Instrument Updates have been posted for all 3 versions here -

What's fixed and improved -

• 1TP Mute StacSs, fixed filter
• 2FH Stop Sus and 2FH Stop Sus Accent, fixed Stop sample
• Fixed loops in 3Tpts patches and 6FH patches in non-Main mics
• Fixed 6FH Slur Accent loading 2 mics by default
• Fixed attacks in lowest Cimbasso Sus Marc S notes
• Fixed default channel in Solo Trombone Leg patches
• Fixed release trails for the staccato and staccatissimo instruments