PLAY 4.1 is now available for download

Jay Asher

PLAY 4.1 is now available for download here -

This is a significant update including our most requested feature, full background loading, that is recommended for all PLAY users, and is required for all upcoming releases.

What's added and fixed in PLAY Software Update v4.1?
• Implemented full background loading
• Added ability to move loading bar during project load
• Added compatibility for Choirs Gold and Pianos Silver products
• Added folder icon in browser view now denotes whether selection is a folder or an instrument
• Fixed tempo sync and other issues with some WordBuilder patches
• Improved text in load error messages
• Fixed loading issues in VEPro
• Fixed reverb menu not displaying correctly in some hosts
• Fixed Choirs intermittent pitch issue when reopening project
• Fixed interface flashing/crashing when switching to Player during load
• Fixed mixer recall of channels on reopen
• Fixed graphical glitches in envelopes
• Fixed product launchers not opening in Apple Mavericks
Thanks for the info Jay.

I hardly ever use Play anymore after my bad experiences with EastWest support. I reported several problems with badly looped instruments (in RA) and the response I got was a kind of sloppy indifference.

Eventually I sent mp3 files and detailed instructions on how I came to find the problems. I was promised they would be attended to in an update, which has never happened - RA hasn't been updated since 2011. Many instruments are unusable.

I resolved to keep my credit card away from EastWest products (and Native Instruments too) and rather buy new products from companies like VSL and Spectrasonics that actually listen to and respect their customers.
First of all, that is part of the reason my job was created. So if you send them to me, I can check them out and get the issues to the right people.

As for bug fixes, with ALL software developers it is a numbers game. If there are 1,000 copies sold and 100 people have a problem, it becomes a higher priority than if 3 people have the problem.
Hi Jay,

Sorry for the slow response. I tend to only visit the Logic X section here lately.

I'll send you a private message with a whole pile of details and history. If you get any resolution on these issues, I'd be most grateful.

Thanks and regards