Logic Pro 8 Play back audio file to varied tempo track


Hi folks,

I've got an audio file "#1" that I've beat mapped. So I've got my crazy tempo track now, which varies basically between 120BPM and 123BPM.

What I now want to do is take another piece of audio "#2" and make that play back in time to the tempo track.

Is this possible and how would I go about it?

Have you tried using the "Follow Tempo" feature in the Inspector? It'll probably do the trick. Although you may have to split your region at the tempo changes in the Arrange Window so that they can "re-trigger" at the new tempos.
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Here's an idea. Select the audio file that you want to have follow the tempo, choose "open in apple loops utility" and convert it to an apple loop. That should work. You will need to make sure the audio file is set to an absolute bar length and specify that in the apple loops utility.
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Awesome Fletch - the Apple Loops did the trick. Thanks so much!

Eli, thanks for your response too, but I haven't been able to locate the "Follow Tempo" option/function in the Inspector (or anywhere) so that I have that as an option up my sleeve for next time... can you provide a screen shot or more detail on where I'd access it?
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I'm not in front of Logic at the moment, but you can find it in the Region Parameter Box on the upper left of the Arrange Window. Select the audio region in question and the Region Parameter Box will update to show the parameters for that specific region.

If the audio file was recorded in the current version of Logic, one of the settings will be Follow Tempo and it will have a check box to toggle on/off. When on, the icon on your audio region will change and it will function somewhat like an Apple Loop and play back at the Project tempo.
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I haven't been able to locate the "Follow Tempo" option/function... can you provide a screen shot or more detail on where I'd access it?

Eli is right, it's in the region parameter box. The trick is, Logic needs to know (ie, read the metadata) at which tempo the region was recorded, and it can only do that if the audio file you are using was recorded in AIFF or WAV format by Logic 7.1 or later.

When you do have audio that was recorded in Logic 7.1 or later, in AIFF or WAV format, the Follow Tempo button will be the very first button in the audio region parameter box in the inspector:

Click for full size - Uploaded with plasq's Skitch

Hope that helps!
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Ah, brilliant, thank you!
My audio was not recorded in Logic so I was probably going to go mad looking for it. :)
I'll try it out with some Logic-recorded audio soon.
Thanks again, all.
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