Logic Pro 9 Play VSTis on Pc as external midi?


As there are quite a few pc-only synths I'd love to be able to use from Logic, is there any way for me to:

Use the midi keyboard that's hooked on to the mac, and through a Logic midi track, actually play the vsti (which is on a "rack" on the PC next to me) like it was an external midi synth?

My audio interface (Mobile I/O) doesn't have any midi in/outs, so it would have to be a mac-to-pc hardware (or wifi?) connection.

I've heard some "Midi through Ethernet" tech talk at some point, but I haven't been able to ascertain if it actually works. :confused:

TIA for any help
Tangra, any kind of movies for Copperlan out? I took a look, and I am interested in checking it out, but the technobabble all these companies put out isn't anything as informative as a few Youtube movies for cutting through the crap, so to speak ;-)

EDIT: found some here:

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Tangra, any kind of movies for Copperlan out?
Hi George,
I have not tried the Copperlan yet. I got some info about it from some internet Audio Pro forum comments or so (I can not remember). Even that, reading the technical info it seems promising and I plan to test it when have time (I'm too busy right now).
Why do not test it by yourself if you have time so you will have personal idea. By the way I'm not a Youtube fan personally...
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Looking over the movies, it seems CopperLAN is more of a way to use midi and controllers over an ethernet network.

It isn't as simple as VEPro is (which does both midi and audio).

So Back to the first poster: 1 budget? Goal: audio and midi, or just midi, or???

Need more feedback from you now...
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Hey guys, thanks a lot for all the info on this.

I dwloaded & installed both copperlan for Mac & Pc, and then... couldn't make sense of how it's supposed to work.

I'm reasonably competent with software installs & configuation in general... but this just ridiculous. Not only is there no user manual to speak of, but the only video available shows a fairly complex network ALREADY SET UP, and takes it from there, to show us very specialized functions... no way to see how you're actually supposed to set it up from scratch. WTF?!

I'm left with one copperlan panel on the Pc desktop, and one on the Mac. They do see each other apparently, but neither my midi controller (attached to the mac thru usb), nor any of the Vstis on the pc... not a clue whatsoever to how to "add device" or whatever.

As far as budget, I just don't have 350$ to throw at this... I just need a very simple connection as described above: one controller playing one vsti. The audio from the pc already goes back to logic thru my Metric Halo interface, so that's fine, I just need the midi to work.

Thanks again for your help.
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There also seems to be RtpMidi, which is free, and MidiOverLan which at least looks reasonably priced.

I still have to find some time to try them both. In the mean time, please feel free to share your experience with any of those apps.

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